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ICR072 - BRIGITTE HANDLEY "K​ö​ln - Visions​…​"

by Icy Cold Records

Köln 05:21
Twin spires, marble skies Air is thick, Can we survive? Verkehr, Verkehr in the space we share Thoughts are quick in the midnight air Ride the U-Bahn, immer schwarz You can’t seem to escape your past We pay the toll with our hearts Life goes by, running fast away, push it away… Chequered floor, neon lights Blue shells are in our sights Sonic landscapes all around Searching for the underground Dancing in a gilded cage Three tiered levels of dark end rage After midnight we all meet Ice cold nights on a smoky street The past is over but it doesn’t go away The past is over but it doesn’t go away Showered in yellow sunlight to cover up the guilt Created to carry your burden, everything covered in silt The river is getting lower, the truth is starting to show The ship is slowly sinking but only time will know High on my projections in an unreal world Propelled by false intentions installed inside a girl She tries to see the day in night, grey matter that she can’t fight She’s breaking out! She’s breaking out! Away… away… The past is over but it doesn’t go away The past is over but it doesn’t go away False illusions, your delusions Wasted in my mind Smothered in a silence The truth just makes us blind Re-program, stop the system, try to press ‘reboot’ Creating a distraction, while others follow the suit Well disguised Blitz cold Eis, slip, fall, open eyes…. visions… decisions Alone again in Cologne again… Alone again in Cologne again… A safe place so hard to find If only I’d escape my mind… Ebertplatz 3am A chance to begin again Reinvent your intent Nothing said is time well spent Cars stop Venloer Straße, Fahrrad fahren faster faster The Past is over…. away… A chance to begin again, If only fear could be your friend A safe place so hard to find, If only I’d escape my mind… © B.Handley/D.C.
Daylight... 04:29
After Dark 04:08


Special edition 5 track maxi EP on 12” Blue Vinyl including digi DL codes + full colour pull-out poster and lyrics
Brigitte Handley | Matahari Ranch

Available June 4th 2021 through Select-A-Vision Records
In cooperation with Icy Cold Records France and Audioglobe Distribution Italy

“When I began to explore ideas for the Köln - Visions EP, I thought about how I could capture the moods and feelings that this city evoked in me when I first arrived as a stranger in a new land. I wanted to somehow convey the excitement, fear, uncertainty and wonder I felt in those early moments stepping into a different world that in turn inspired me onto a new path both personally and artistically.

‘Köln’ was the focal point for the feel and direction of the EP and ‘Daylight’ the second song on the A-side came about by trying to capture a combination of electronica blending with the organic sounds and instruments which are conveyed on the B-side with ‘After Dark’, ‘Lament of a Lost Soul… (MHR remix)’ and ‘Still Lives… (MHR remix)’ by suggesting to Matahari Ranch a concept between the 2 worlds and leaving it then for their interpretation. Collectively these songs represent different chapters of my time in the city of Köln... Thoughts and visions and a state of being… These songs took on their own life as well, so I guess I was just guiding this EP along…"


released June 3, 2021


all rights reserved



Icy Cold Records Paris, France

Independent Record Label focused on Post Punk & many more open mind music.

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