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ICR044​-​EP - BLING RODENT "Constant Smile"

by Icy Cold Records

No Driver 04:09


The music of Bling Rodent descends and mirrors the darkest corners of the psyche. References include Leonard Cohen, PJ Harvey and David Bowie, but Bling Rodent have their very own mesmerizing sound. The naked lyrics and vocals carve their unpleasant stories into your skin leaving you slightly worried about the mental health of the band members.

Bling Rodents debut EP ‘Constant Smile’ contain four ‘murder ballads’ at first seemingly in balance, but they evolve into unsetteling overdoses of distorted crescendos. The storyteller loops her inner monologue to make sense of her deficiencies, or to lose herself in grief over them.

Bling Rodent consist of a handful of musicians from a few prominent Swedish pop acts, that came together to carefully explore their darker side. The EP is mixed and mastered by Ruben Engzell (Ossler, Christian Kjellvander, Iris Viljanen, EPs Trailerpark).

The aggressive opening track “No Driver” dissects the pressure to conform and how it echoes through generations.

“Desert Sidewalk” echoes the paralysis of not being able to communicate with the one you depend on. “As my tongue curls up to die / You are still a liquid to my eye” .

In “Underwater Stories” the pitchblack logic of anxiety is portrayed - when it may seem easy to let go and slip under the surface. “...The waves are haunted houses / Rolling right at me, rolling right at me / Telling jokes that I don’t get”.

The title track “Constant Smile” concludes the EP with the ambivalence of not really knowing who you are. And therefore perhaps never being able to reveal yourself to another person. And the distance that will create. “Have I / Told you / What reminds me of the death of my childhood / Have I?”.

Fun fact: Despite Bling Rodent being on the “names-of-future-bands-to-start”-list for a long time, Bling Rodent first emerged in the shape of a novel drink recipe:
Start with a beer pitcher and pour Champagne into it (¾ full). Top off to the rim with Blue Curacao and finally add (not so few) drops of Angostura Bitter.

For more information, interviews with band members, etc, please contact us through hellorodent@gmail.com


released November 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Icy Cold Records Paris, France

Independent Record Label focused on Post Punk & many more open mind music.

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